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MEDICAL CANNABIS: Guide to Use Marijuana and CBD to Sleep Better, Relieve Your Pain and Feel Better

Auteur: Thomas De Boer Narrateur: Melody Valencia Livre audio

Discover exactly how to use marijuana to revamp your body, health and life!
Are you aware that cannabis contains a wide range of beneficial components that can help alleviate common health conditions?
Looking to find out more about how CBD and THC can help you improve your quality of life and overall wellbeing? Then the information contained in this book is exactly what you need!
Cannabis contains a wide range of healthy constituents that not only reinvigorates the body but also helps to relieve common health problems, including chronic pain, inflammations, and so much more!
This book brings you a thorough and comprehensive guide that informs and educates you on exactly how to use medical cannabis and what to use it for.
Whether you are a first time user looking to find out more about medical marijuana or you are a cannabis enthusiast, this book is the perfect resource for the information you need.
In MEDICAL CANNABIS, You will find:
• A complete introduction to cannabis, its history and legality
• Differences between CBD and THC
• Working principles, Dosing and health benefits of CBD and THC
• How to source safe and high quality CBD products from reliable vendors
• All you need to know about your Endocannabinoid system
• Medical application, recipes, risks of marijuana and much more!
Learn how to use Medical cannabis to heal your body and feel better.

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