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STOP Procrastinating: Complete Guide to Overcome Procrastination, Build Self-Discipline, Increase Productivity and Overcome Laziness

Auteur: Ludwig Ward Narrateur: Jodi Stapler Livre audio

Do you always postpone things? your to-do list never ends? It means that you are stuck in the trap of procrastination. Do you know that it is preventing you from achieving your goals?
If you really want to get rid of this bad habit, this is the book FOR YOU.
If you are a chronic procrastinator, you are familiar with the pain and stress that go hand in hand with leaving things at the last minute. Several strategies can help you stop procrastinating right NOW. You will discover how the greatest successful people have managed to get rid of this vice.
In this book you will find:
• Several changes to be made in your lifestyle to avoid future procrastination.
• How to avoid procrastination by planning your time.
• How to build self-discipline
• How to beat laziness
And many other things

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