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The Essential Dickens Christmas: A Christmas Carol and Eight Festive Tales

Auteur: Charles Dickens Narrateur: Various Narrators, Tim Bruce, Helen Lloyd, Malk Williams, Greg Wagland, James Gillies, Liam Gerrard, Nigel Patterson Livre audio

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol—A Ghost Story of Christmas in Five Staves when he was 31; the first edition was published on 19th December 1843 and had sold out just four days later and by the end of 1844, there were already 13 reprints. Now with numerous adaptations for film, television, radio, stage, and indeed, audiobooks, A Christmas Carol has, for many, become an essential part of Christmas!

Raconteurs Audio has created this audio anthology to include Dickens’ two Christmas novellas, The Chimes and The Cricket on the Hearth, as well as a collection of his lesser known short stories with a Christmas theme.

A Christmas Carol

Stave 1 - Marley’s Ghost read by Liam Gerrard
Stave 2 - The First of Three Spirits read by Tim Bruce
Stave 3 - The Second of Three Spirits read by James Gillies
Stave 4 - The Last of the Spirits read by Greg Wagland
Stave 5 - The End of It read by Malk Williams


Stave 1 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - English Traditional
Stave 2 - The Three Kings - Peter Cornelius
Stave 3 - Gabriel’s Message - Basque Noel
Stave 4 - A Coventry Carol - English Traditional
Stave 5 - This Is the Truth - English Traditional
Finale - In Dulci Jubilo - German Traditional

Original music arranged and produced by Kelvin Towse for this audiobook production.

Festive Tales

The Haunted House read by Greg Wagland
A Christmas Tree read by Nigel Patterson
The Chimes read by James Gillies
The Christmas Goblin read by Liam Gerrard
The Cricket on the Hearth read by Helen Lloyd
Nobody’s Story read by Malk Williams
A Child’s Dream of a Star read by Tim Bruce
What Christmas Is as We Grow Older read by James Gillies

These stories originally published between 1843 and 1871 are in the public domain. The traditional music is also in the public domain.

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