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Fantasy et science-fiction
7h 39min

Tree Savior

Auteur: Andrew Karevik Narrateur: Neil Hellegers Livre audio

This is it. The moment of truth.

After defeating the Dungeon Below and laying my hands on Wyren's Gift, I am now more powerful than ever before. Still, the Invasion that is to wipe out the entire realm is not to take place before another eight years. And a lot can happen during that time, good and bad. That's why I decided to rush the inevitable and draw these nightmares into this world while I still got the upper hand.

But first, I need to prepare. I need to build a new level to my dungeon where I will take these monsters to kill them. I need to find everything I can about these strange creatures, their behavior and weaknesses.

First, I need to rally every tribe and every kingdom, as we will need to fight together as one if we are to stand the slightest chance against these horrors. As I'll quickly learn, however, that's easier said than done. Dang, sometimes those humans can be so thickheaded! Yet, I will have to find a way to make it work. I don't have a choice. The fate of all Yehan depends on it.

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