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What Are Dreams Made Of?

Auteur: Lisa Sniderman Narrateur: Kevin Ponthier Livre audio

A brilliantly inventive multiple award-winning fantasy full length musical audio book-a meld of mythology, magic and music combining a compelling story, narration, colorful offbeat characters and infectious songs intended for mature young adult audiences who enjoy Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight. In the magical kingdom of Wonderhaven, Aoede the Muse of Song is plagued with a terrible, haunting dream (a nyxmare), and children are spirited away by a Siren. Aoede must explore realms of darkness and light, overland and underworld, confront magical fairies, goblins and dream gods, and struggle to get to the heart of her dream.

© 2015 Authors Republic (Livre audio) ISBN: 9781943499120